German doctors pose naked in protest at PPE shortages


The group Blanke Bedenken aim to tell Germany’s health ministers that their calls over several months for more protective gear weren’t heard.They said ‘when we run out of what little we have, we look like this’, suggesting that going to work without PPE in the current crisis is like being naked.

Members of the group said they felt at risk from coronavirus and many doctors have repeatedly asked for more kit since the first cases of the bug in Germany in January.

Firms producing the equipment increased the amount they were producing but still didn’t meet demands.

Filter masks, goggles, gloves and aprons were frequently requested by medical practices, clinics and care homes but they say their needs have barely been met, The Mirror reported.


German doctors share nude images to condemn the lack of PPEs in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis

In an effort to attract attention to the lack of safe garments and supplies a party of German doctors stood nude. Calling their complaint Blanke Bedenken, or Naked Qualms, group members said they felt at risk from coronavirus and reported that their pleas for assistance had gone unheeded for many months.

A party of German doctors on Monday, demonstrating against the same, appeared nude in an effort to call attention to shortages of safe garments and supplies. According to a Guardian report, members of the group said they felt at risk from coronavirus and claimed their calls for help over several months had gone unheeded.

A recent study by an association of German health insurers found that doctors were lacking more than 100m single-use masks, almost 50m filter masks, more than 60m single-use aprons, and a similar number of disposable gloves.

Demand for PPE has differed strongly from region to region, with North Rhine Westphalia and Bavaria among the most in need.

Two medics sat either side of a skeleton in a hat outside. They wore only stethoscopes as they covered themselves by crossing their legsOne doctor sat behind toilet rolls and wore one on her head as she used a blue face mask with red spots


“If such organisation was politically desired and there were guaranteed quantities for fair prices, there would be no difficulties,” Möll told German media.